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the artist

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I believe that every act is a creative one whether or not we are aware if it, because every act first arises from the same mysterious and intangible source within. 


It is the work of an Artist to consciously give life and form to this well of abstract feeling. To frame the etherial in such way as to remind and connect ourselves and the viewer with our deepest shared truths.

It is in this way that I regard my creations as soulful manifestations. My hope is that my art continues to find new meaning and purpose in the homes and hearts they are destined for.

~ Chanté 

Chanté [pronouns: 'they/them' / 'she/her'] is a non-binary, mixed race visual artist from southern California, currently living in Brooklyn New York. They work in a multitude of mediums including but not limited to fine art painting, tattoo, mural painting, illustration, animation and installation art. They derive inspiration from the natural world, symbolism, spirituality and through exploring the many threads that connect & uplift us in both community and humanity.

Their award winning work has been featured in publications such as V Magazine and has been showcased around the world.

Currently Chanté is working on a series of large scale paintings exploring the realms of grief and hope amongst social unrest and the ongoing global pandemic of 2020-2022. 

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