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Every tattoo is a slow & considerate collaboration between myself & the wearer.

A discovery of what symbols and imagery already lay beneath the surface ready to arise. 

Every tattoo is also a practice in patience, & release of control to the process.

It's a practice in letting go of perfectionism in lieu of the experience & meaning.

I say this because "perfection" is not what I as an artist create, nor aim to create.

And because the body will have its own say as the skin heals, lines settle in, fade, or shift, the bodies condition changes over time, & your perspective evolves to new vantage points. The only things we know for certain are that all things change, & that- all you've been before has lead like stepping stones to who you are today, & will be tomorrow. Tattoos proudly claim the stones of life choices & transformations. They serve as a reminder of who/where you've been, & at the very least- the choice you made to boldly turn & face some amount (it varies) of discomfort- head on, & have a distinct and potentially beautiful chosen 'scar' to prove it.

Tattoos have been a means of healing through stimulating meridian points in the body. They've been living story tellers, beauty makers, prayer givers and facilitators of rights of passage in some form or fashion across the globe since humans had charcoal & sharp objects to pierce with. Embedding ink in skin has been practiced in just about every culture around the globe, & I feel very lucky to be a learning, growing part of this practice since 2018.

∴ Please note ∴

Though meaning or intention can be valuable, it is by no means a requirement to work with me. Some of my favorite tattoos were done on a whim & the significance for me came later. Meaning can grow, fade & change, so no pressure to figure it out if you haven't, or you just want a tattoo.

Though I believe very much in the power of intentional ceremony with tattooing, it's important to note that I am not facilitating ceremonial tattoos per se. I hold intention with you, I listen closely to your needs, communicate honestly my professional options & abilities, & try my best to provide a comfortable, safe & welcoming environment to all people I work with. If ceremony is something you want to create together, we can discuss what creating that might look like.

I will not tattoo designs that are specifically of another culture without permission. I'll consider it if you are of that lineage/tradition, or have clear & specific consent from a cultural custodian for me to tattoo the design, & I feel comfortable doing so.

Though I enjoy tattooing my flash designs (check my Instagram highlights to see), & designing one of a kind pieces with people, I am also happy to copy-paste your own drawing, or another design as long as we have consent to tattoo it, it's within my skill set, & I feel like it.

If what I offer sounds up your ally, please scroll past the gallery below & fill out the form so we can get to designing your one of a kind body art!

*note ~ I only carry black & brown ink, no color. If you would like colors please request which in the form & I may be able to order them at additional cost.*


Santa barbara
(& everywhere in between)


Do you have any of these conditions?
request is for

SENT! Please send any reference images to email below. Thank you!



Prices for designs and execution can vary depending on the size, concept, and complexity of the piece.

Starting rate for any tattoo is


I will contact you once your request is reviewed, approved & there is availability.


∴ Design fee ∴

Tattoos that require design work,

or if you would like me to make a custom design for another artist to implement: $75-100


3 consultations

2 drafts + a final image

This ensures you the rights to the final design whether or not I am the one to tattoo it.


⁘ Things to consider 

You will need to actively care for your tattoo for two weeks until the top layer of skin is healed.


During this time you will

want to avoid.. 

• Soaking in water 

• Activities that cause you to excessively sweat

• Exposing your tattoo to excessive amounts of sun

• The application of anything other than your healing ointments to the tattoo

• Doing activities where things might rub up on, get dirt in & / or irritate your new tattoo



You will want to.. 

• keep it clean

(unscented antibacterial soap)

• keep it dry

• keep it hydrated

(Aquaphor or coconut oil)

• keep it protected



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