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Every tattoo is a slow and considerate collaboration between myself and the wearer.

A discovery of what symbols and imagery already lay beneath the surface ready to arise. 

Every tattoo is also a practice in patience, and release to the process.

A practice in letting go of perfectionism, and grasping onto deeper meaning, living memories, intense sensations, and the transformative power this process can be.


I have been learning to tattoo by hand and machine with the guidance of many skilled teachers, but a great deal of my time spent discovering this craft has been on my own.

I do not create perfection

nor do I aim to create perfection

Every tattoo is a unique expression of both the wearer and my hand, meaning...

* sometimes lines differ in darkness.

*sometimes lines have unexpected wobbles.

* sometimes lines don't match up where we'd planned.

* sometimes lines fall out, and sometimes they spread out.

* sometimes the skin scars, and sometimes the result is exactly as we planned.

If this experience is not what you are interested in or open to, then I am not the artist for you at this time. 

If it is, then scroll past the gallery and fill out the form below so we can get to dreaming and designing your one of a kind body art!

*note ~ I only carry black & brown ink, no color. If you would like colors please request which in the form and I may be able to order them at additional cost.*


Santa Barbara -
current - October 18

bali(Ubud) -
October 20 - x

: Pricing :


Prices for designs and execution can vary depending on the size, concept, and complexity of the piece.

Starting rate for any tattoo is


I will contact you once your request is reviewed, approved & there is availability.


Design fee


Tattoo Ticket

Tattoos that require design work,

or if you would like me to make a design for another artist to implement


non refundable $50 deposit

which covers :

2 drafts + a final image


$25 per additional redraw


This deposit means you own the final design regardless if I am the one to tattoo it.

This deposit will be subtracted from the final cost of the tattoo should I tattoo the design.


: Things to consider :

You will need to actively care for your tattoo for two weeks until the top layer of skin is healed.


During this time you will

want to avoid.. 

- Soaking in water 

- Activities that cause you to excessively sweat

- Exposing your tattoo to excessive amounts of sun

- The application of anything other than your healing ointments to the tattoo

- Doing activities where things might rub up on, get dirty & / or irritate your new tattoo



You will want to.. 

- keep it clean

(unscented antibacterial soap)

- keep it dry

- keep it hydrated

(Aquaphor or coconut oil)

- keep it protected



Do you have any of these conditions?
request is for

SENT! Please send any reference images to email below. Thank you!

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